Peggy Nance

Peggy Nance is the co-owner of D&P and manages business operations. Peggy grew up in a hot rod family as her Dad Jake was a true “car guy”. Jake loved old cars and he and Darryl built many classics over the years. Peggy’s first car was a 1968 Camaro that was “souped” up.

Peggy and Darryl started D&P back in the 1980’s due to their love of classics and they could not find a shop that was able to complete a total restoration in house. D&P has grown from a small family business into one of the larger restoration shops on the west coast. Today D&P averages 50-60 cars under construction in their Huntington Beach, California facilit

Peggy’s favorite car is a 1956 Chevy because she moved to California from Minnesota in the family 56 Chevy in 1959. Peggy knows more about classic cars than most guys, ouch! Peggy helps keep sanity in the family. Darryl and sons Nick and Pat occasionally have “differences in opinion” about certain aspects of car building. Fortunately, Peggy is the voice of reason and she is more than capable of setting the boys straight, you go girl.

Peggy loves going to car shows and she is well known and loved by people who know her.

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