Nick has worked at D&P since 2002 and continues to excel his knowledge into building custom, high-tech vehicles.  He has innovated many of the designs that bring D&P to the top of their industry.  He works closely with the D&P team on every project that comes through the doors.  His expertise includes trim and glass, customization, electronics, and most mechanical systems.  When he was 16 he built his very own 1955 Chevy 2 Door Wagon with the help of our shop foreman Kevin to learn the process of restoration.

Nick has brought D&P into the 21st century with advanced computer billing systems and technological advances that make every step of the D&P experience fun and interactive for the customers.   He has built and manages our past and current website.  Nick also has helped build D&P’s core internal management components.

Nick enjoys most things in life including the beach, river, car shows, law enforcement activities and making D&P a better place for our customers to enjoy.

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