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D&P and its crew enjoys the satisfaction of delivering the vehicle of a customer’s dreams.  There is no better feeling than hearing positive feedback from a customer upon delivery day.  Over the years many customers have given us feedback on the car we have built or upgraded for them.  Below is a list of feedback directly from our customers.  These are not modified in any way and are only here to represent their comments.  Each and everyone of these customer’s cars can be found on our website. 

  • D&P Chevy delivered exactly what they promised. Not only did they take my vision and bring it to life but they put their own unique twist on it. I stand by their work 100%
    Thomas Anderson (TLC)

  • “Thanks to you and your dad for everything.  The quality of the car is beyond our expectations and we are very pleased.  Friday we went to our first local cruise night and received a plaque for the July Club Pick.  Thank you”
    John B.

  • “D&P has worked on several of my cars over the years.  Every car I have purchased ended up needing more work than I expected.  D&P was fair on pricing and gave me a car I can drive everyday.  One day I hope to build a complete car from scratch.”
    Eddie T.

  • “Just writing in to say thanks very much for all of the great work D&P did on my Nova recently. I also greatly appreciate the more-than-fair pricing compared to other shops I priced out . You guys are the best.”
    Mike M.

  • “Darryl & Co. I’m having a ball with our car.  It is running great!  I have taken it down PCH to Dana Point and Laguna, and up to my  daughter’s home a couple of times.  I volunteer for a lot of short errands to the market, to pick up take out dinners, trips to the hardware store etc. I pulled a spark plug a couple of weeks ago, and it was very clean.  Thank you for the upgrades and see you next time for service…”
    George C.

Customer satisfaction is everything to D&P.  Without our great customers we would not be able to keep our doors open.  Over 90% of the business we receive is through previous customers and word of mouth.  Above are just a few of the comments we have received over the years.  Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page or the about us page to be added to our website.

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